Snowmass Mountain receives "F" grade on Fourteeners report card

Jun 11, 2015

Trails on peaks in Aspen’s backyard have received both “A” and “F” grades. That’s according to a report card on Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks or “fourteeners.” 

North Maroon and Pyramid Peaks received A’s, while Snowmass Mountain scored an F. Capitol Peak received a C grade. The analysis looks at trail construction, erosion and whether the trail width has grown because of heavy use. The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative came up with the grades. Director Lloyd Ahthearn explains why Snowmass Mountain scored low.

"We know that when the trail goes above the lake, 35 percent is braided. That means there’s not just one single trail, but multiple trails because the trail has deteriorated so much. That results in a lot of loss of plant life."

The organization figures it’ll cost more than $1 million to bring Snowmass Mountain to 100-percent sustainability. The report card examined 42 trails on 39 peaks.