State Climatologist: Heavy Rains Over Multiple Areas at Once is Rare

Sep 16, 2013

The rain storms that brought deadly flooding to the Front Range are not normal for this time of year. In mid-September, summer thunderstorms typically give way to clear skies.
Credit Flickr (Creative Commons)/Nurpu

In most years, summertime thunderstorms in Colorado give way to clear skies in mid-September. But, not this year. Colorado State Climatologist Nolan Doesken says one of the unique parts of the torrential rains that flooded the Front Range last week is the pattern. Storms bringing heavy rain simultaneously over multiple places. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen spoke with him about the storms.

Nolan Doesken leads the Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He’s asking people in the Front Range to email any data they may have on this record-breaking storm. If you have a bucket of rain water, he’d like to know how much collected during the storm. Send your location, specifics on your measurement and contact information to coflood2013@gmail.com.