Talking about walking, biking

Aug 7, 2016

While there are bike paths in town, there is not a fluid way of connecting from one to another.
Credit Courtesy City of Aspen

The city of Aspen engineering department is taking to heart citizens comments about getting around town on foot and on bike.

If you have ever attempted to get around Aspen by foot, on a bicycle, or in a car...you may have some thoughts on how to navigate town. The current bike/pedestrian master plan that the city operates under is from 1991. It mostly deals with connecting trails for those coming into Aspen, but doesn’t address how to get around within the town itself, says city engineer Trish Aragon.

“Once you get into town it kind of falls apart,” said city engineer Trish Aragon. “It’s hard to maneuver your way throughout a continuous bike path or trail system within town itself.”

The city is seeking public comment for a new master plan, that will prioritize the many potential connectivity projects throughout the city. Some, like turning Hallam Street into a bike/ped throughway, may even result in new city laws regarding vehicular traffic.


“We really need the citizens to let us know what they would like to see for these next ten, twenty years going forth,” said Justin Forman, senior project manager. “It's important that we are in line with what they'd like to see.”

A link to the questionnaire is available here. A formal presentation of public feedback is scheduled for the September 6th Aspen city council meeting.