'Top Chef' viewing party Thursday at the Little Nell

Mar 7, 2018

Credit Paul Trantow/Bravo

On Thursday, the Little Nell hosts a viewing party for the 'Top Chef' finale. The TV show's competition took place in the hotel, though it’s hard to recognize.


The finale of the fifteenth season of the reality cooking-competition show was shot at the Little Nell’s Mountain Club.  

May Selby, director of public relations at the Little Nell, was in the kitchen during the shoot. She said it was exciting to watch the Top Chef crew take over the restaurant.

“They took the entire Mountain Club and undressed it, then redressed it with all of their tables and furniture and lighting. Even the artwork...they made all new artwork and placed it over the existing collection.”

The finale will be held at Chair 9. Extra TVs and speakers will be set up throughout the bar.