Two APCHA Board members requested review

Apr 27, 2015

The 2012 document was released in April 2015 by the current APCHA Board of Directors.

  There’s more information now about a recently released document concerning Aspen’s affordable housing program. It’s come to light that the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority has lost much of its power to the Aspen City Manager’s office.

A 2012 review by an independent attorney detailed those changes. The review cost $3,322.50 and was covered by the APCHA Board of Director’s fund. Board member Marcia Goshorn and then-executive director Tom McCabe say they requested  the analysis, after board members raised questions about APCHA being treated as just an advisory body. Both Goshorn and McCabe are now running for Aspen City Council.  

The 2012 review came to the conclusion that APCHA losing power was confusing, and raises questions about its role as a multi-jurisdictional housing authority. Like being able to handle financial responsibilities, including existing bonds and deed restricted housing titles. There may be more discussion on the matter at City Council tonight.