Valley Roundup 8-23-2013

Aug 23, 2013

Welcome to Valley Roundup for Friday 8-23-2013, a review of the week’s top news stories in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The big news story of this week came in on pedal power to the upper valley.  Year three of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge literally shut the place down on Monday afternoon.  By most accounts the race is a positive event…though it remains a tough sell for some.  We also discuss the big number of homes in Aspen that list their owners as corporations.  And, what would a review of the news be if we didn’t mention marijuana?  The retail sale of recreational marijuana is moving forward in fits and starts.

Also today one severe outlook on climate change sees an end to the global ski industry by century’s end.  We’ll talk with Porter Fox and editor at Powder magazine about his new book on climate change and the ski industry.

Joining us this week to discuss the news are Carolyn Sackariason, Editor of the Aspen Daily News and Andy Stone, columnist for and former Editor of the Aspen Times.   Here are the topics we talk about:

USA Pro Challenge Bike Race

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Too Much Going On This Summer?

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Corporate Housing

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Two Rich Guys In Court

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Recreational Marijuana

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Interview with Porter Fox, Author of Deep and Editor at Powder Magazine

Powder Magazine:


More on Deep: