Valley Roundup
3:55 pm
Fri August 30, 2013

Valley Roundup - August 30th, 2013

Welcome to Valley Roundup for Friday 8-30-2013, a review of the week’s top news stories in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The Town of Basalt moved a step closer this week to relocating families living in a riverside trailer park.  The move is necessary because the area is a flood zone but the process has been anything but easy. 

What began as a complaint by a downtown Aspen resident about noise is quickly escalating into a city-wide debate over the future of Aspen’s core commercial district.  Today Aspen’s former mayor weighs in.

Also today marijuana grows up and becomes a respectable part of society alongside Johnny Walker, pinot noir and Bud Lite.  And speaking of impairment, the Download returns this week with a look at the dangers of texting and driving.

Joining us this week to discuss the news are Carolyn Sackariason, Editor of the Aspen Daily News and Andy Stone, columnist for and former Editor of the Aspen Times.   Here are the topics we talk about:

Basalt Relocation

From Aspen Public Radio:

From Aspen Daily News:

From Aspen Times:

Holland Hills Bud

From Aspen Public Radio:

From Aspen Times:

Raising a Ruckus in Downtown Aspen

From Aspen Daily News:

Bike Race Redux

From Aspen Public Radio:

From Aspen Daily News:

The Download with Rob St. Mary

Werner Herzog’s texting while driving documentary

Story about the film from slate:

New Jersey judge rules on liability of texting while driving:

Glendale School District checking on student social media posts:,0,4640365.story

California could have a law soon against “revenge porn”:


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