Valley Roundup - February 28th, 2014

Feb 28, 2014

Good afternoon and welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the week’s top news stories in Aspen and beyond.

We are joined today by Curtis Wackerle of the Aspen Daily News and Andy Stone from the Aspen Times.

We’ll discuss the US Labor Department’s probe of businesses in Aspen that have not properly paid overtime to their employees.  More than 40 businesses were snared by the investigation and most will be paying back wages.  The department is suing the owners of several restaurants.

The Labor Department is also suing the owner of a cleaning service in Basalt for withholding wages.

The Hotel Aspen continues to spar with Aspen City Council over expansion plans.  And, across town there is word that The Dancing Bear building could get finished.

Also today, some thoughts on old timers who say Aspen “ain’t what it used to be.”  Turns out one of San Francisco’s leading citizens, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, says the same thing about his city.

Its all on this week’s Valley Roundup.

Topics and links on this week’s program 2-28-2014:

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