Valley Roundup - January 17th, 2014

Jan 17, 2014

Good afternoon and welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the week’s top news stories in Aspen and beyond.

The NTSB released its initial report on the plane crash at Aspen’s airport earlier this month.  There are no conclusions as to what caused the crash but it includes new details and corrects some earlier speculation about wind speeds at the time of the wreck.  We’ll have a summary.

Also today, three Aspen journalists join us to discuss the news this week. Carolyn Sackariason, Andy Stone and Michael Miracle are here to talk about a noise trail this week and what it means for Aspen’s messy vitality. 

Aspen’s mayor embraces the high end of the community’s population.

And; working dogs or pampered pets?  The Krabloonik sledding operation faces off with public opinion and criminal charges of animal cruelty.

Its all just ahead on this week’s Valley Roundup.

Aspen Plane Crash – NTSB Preliminary Report

From Aspen Public Radio:


Aspen Noise Trial – City v Aspen Brewing Co

From Aspen Public Radio:


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Aspen’s Mayor and the 1%

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Aspen Hotel Expansion

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Krabloonik – Arraignment Continued

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