Valley Roundup - June 6th, 2014

Jun 6, 2014

Welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the week’s top news stories in Aspen and beyond.  

Joining us today are Carolyn Sackariason from the Aspen Daily News and Michael Miracle from Aspen Sojourner magazine.

The judge in the Nancy Pfister murder case this week rescheduled a preliminary hearing for later in the month.  She also denied a motion to allow separate trials for the accused.

The building housing Aspen’s Explore Booksellers is on the market.  It unclear what that means for the bookstore

Also this week, a plan to open a small business incubator in Aspen.

And activist and artist Lee Mulcahy loses an appeal of his ban from Aspen Institute property.  He is also still banned from Skico properties and the Aspen Art Museum.

On the Download with Rob St. Mary we look at how best to increase and distribute broadband access in the mountains.

It’s all on this week’s Valley Roundup.

On the show today:

Pfister Murder Case Hearings Rescheduled

From Aspen Daily News:

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Mulcahy Loses Appeal

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Aspen Valley Foundation – Basalt Retirement Center

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Explore Booksellers Building for Sale

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Gunilla Asher, Lani Shaw RIP

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The Download with Rob St. Mary

Mountain Connect Rural Broadband Conference:

Comedian/Actor Patton Oswalt goes silent on social media:

Why does something “go viral”?