Valley Roundup - March 27th, 2015

Mar 27, 2015

Welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the top news stories in the valley in the past week.

The Obama administration is requiring oil and gas companies to disclose what’s in their fracking fluid. How is that going to shake out in Garfield County?

Did a town hall meeting hosted by this station on the controversial and confusing charter amendment known as “Keep Aspen Aspen” shed light on the issue enough that voters are convinced one way or the other?

Meanwhile, down in Carbondale a woman who used to co-own a NBA basketball team is suing the IRS for $21 million.

What’s better for a riverside property in downtown Basalt – a hotel or a restaurant or two?

The city of Aspen is keeping tabs on a certain restaurant’s menu prices to make sure they are affordable.

And the Aspen police officer who was heavily scrutinized for aggressively arresting a teenager last month is leaving the department, but for a different reason.

Joining me this week are Curtis Wackerle, editor of the Aspen Daily News, Brent Gardner Smith, executive director of Aspen Journalism, Andy Stone, columnist and former editor of the Aspen Times and Randy Essex, editor of the Glenwood Post Independent.

This Week’s Topics

Feds order disclosure of fracking chemicals on Federal land


Town Hall on “Keep Aspen, Aspen” Ballot Prop





Basalt mayor opposes hotel, condo project; offers alternative


City keeping eye on Justice Snow’s menu


Loudon Leaves APD