Valley Roundup for Sept. 2, 2016

Sep 2, 2016

Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.


For the past several months, there has been discussion in Pitkin County among elected officials about how dangerous marijuana edibles are. They are considering a ban on them but how likely that is is debatable.

Aspen Times Weekly: The New Enemy?

In Glenwood Springs, a new detour will be established to cross the river while the Grand Avenue Bridge is being rebuilt. It’s sure to cause serious traffic problems.

10-day closure in Oct. for 8th Street bridge work


Meanwhile, in Rifle a woman has opened a cuddling business.

Professional cuddling business opens in Rifle

Over in Basalt, they may need a big group hug as politics continues to pit residents against each other.

Basalt’s two ballot questions link park-improvement funds with land purchaseBasalt river park question splits into twoOpen records requests increase in Basalt

Basalt council members vow to pare down closed sessions

Some women feel unsafe in Carbondale

And an inmate at the Pitkin County Jail caused about $50,000 in damage and forced the 911 communications center to relocate.

Man who allegedly flooded jail cell and 911 call center 
faces three felonies

Joining me this week are Chad Abraham, reporter for the Aspen Daily News, Jeanne McGovern, editor of the Aspen Times Weekly, Randy Essex, publisher of the Glenwood Post Independent  and Andy Stone, columnist for Aspen Times.