Wild & Scenic effort continues for the Crystal River

Jun 25, 2015

Credit Marci Krivonen

Supporters for more protection for the Crystal River are hitting the road again. The goal is a Wild and Scenic River designation, but that takes an Act of Congress. Supporters have crafted a bill and want to get approval from local governments. And yes, they’ve already done something similar.

“What we’ve done is pared down our effort,” says Redstone resident Bill Jochems. There has been concern that Wild and Scenic rules would mean more federal control over land next to the river. Jochems says his group has narrowed the language in an attempt to keep that from happening. “We’re seeing only one thing out of this,” he continues. “And that would be the prohibition of dams on the main stem of the Crystal River.”

Carbondale town trustees said Tuesday night they support the new streamlined approach, but are making sure town staff review the exact language to make sure.