Your Support Makes Your News, Your Music, Your Station Possible!

Jul 23, 2013

Aspen Public Radio’s summer pledge drive is here!

Please take a moment today to make your financial contribution and know that the quality programming you hear on APR is the direct result of your support.

Year in and year out, we provide a place on the dial – and now on the web – where civil discourse is valued and encouraged. On APR, you can hear about the news and events in the valley, across the state, the country, and the world.

But, it all starts with you.  Aspen Public Radio relies on listener support for more than 40 percent of our revenue each year.

Please take a moment now to become a member or renew your membership! Your contribution is an investment in excellent programming:

•    APR is now all local every weekday at 3:30 pm, improving our coverage of all that matters to you and your life in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our line-up includes two new shows: First Draft on Mondays and Valley Roundup on Fridays.

•    We continue to carry the best of NPR and BBC programs because we are committed to bringing you stories from around the world that you will not hear anywhere else on the dial.

•    We are also honoring our commitment to providing our listeners access to NPR journalists and hosts. Later this summer, we are pleased to bring to town NPR Foreign Correspondent Deborah Amos, who has spent the past year reporting from Syria.

Aspen Public Radio is your stories, your music, and your station. Now, we need you to do your part to support this valuable community resource.

Make your impact today!

Thank You!