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Miles Ahead is being screen by Aspen film at the Isis Theater on Wednesday. Don Cheadle plays Miles Davis in this biopic that follows the jazz great through his rise from the days of blues to his acid jazz period.


Wednesday at the Glenwood Railroad Museum, get a bit of history on “Laundry Trains.” In the late 19th century, trains would bring people from camps and ranches all over the state to Glenwood Springs. The presentation is being led by a man who has studied the history of Colorado’s railroads.


In an email to city officials last week, Theatre Aspen executive director Paige Price came out in opposition of the Power Plant proposal, but so far the group hasn’t received any blowback.


The Power Plant proposal includes space for Aspen Brewing Company, Aspen 82 and a non-profit incubator workspace. The proposal has been an issues since last year. Many residents in the Oklahoma Flats neighborhood oppose the plan because of potential noise issues.


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Carol O’Brien was a lawyer, but had reached a point where she couldn’t deal with the moral pressure of the job. She felt like she couldn’t be a good lawyer, and a good person at the same time. She also wanted more time to take care of her kids.


She found a job at a Waldenbooks. Then, she made the jump to the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver — the Cherry Creek location.

The Colorado Creative Industries Summit is coming to Carbondale next week and business are already adapting.


Hotels are filling up and businesses are putting up signs, as well as using social media as a tool to hopefully gain some extra business before people come to town.


“There is a great energy in the air regarding the upcoming creative summit, especially in the arts community,” said Andrea Stewart, executive director of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce.


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James Brundige felt that the time was right to film his documentary “Wild Ways: Corridors to Life”, when he realized that the National Park System wasn’t sufficient to maintain wild species.

First Draft - Igoni Barrett

Apr 25, 2016
Jerry Riley

A. Igoni Barrett was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in 1979. He is the author of Blackass, as well as a winner of the 2005 BBC World Service short story competition, the recipient of a Chinua Achebe Center Fellowship, a Norman Mailer Center Fellowship, and a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency. His short stories have twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He lives in Nigeria.  

Curated - April 25th

Apr 25, 2016

 An informational meeting about the Miss Strawberry Days Scholarship is being held at Bighorn Toyota in Glenwood Springs on Monday. It’s the 119th year of the festival, which gives out a total of $8,000 in scholarships to four local women.


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Antonio Rocha faces the challenge of trying to appease everyone in the room. As a storyteller, he has to make sure that what he is saying works for the young and old, men and women, and people from different cultures and backgrounds. One time, in India, he started telling a story in which a cow is killed. In India, of course, the cow is sacred.

Kok Chih & Sarah Gan

Corinne Bailey Rae was added to the list of performers at Jazz Aspen Snowmass’ Labor Day Experience. The singer is known for her 2006 song “Put Your Records On”.


The rest of the September festival lineup includes Train, The Killers, Thievery Corporation and another act that has yet to be announced.



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Off-season is down time for a lot of places in the upper valley. Many restaurants are open less frequently, or close down all together. It’s also harder to go to see a show, band or play. It isn’t just hard on patrons though. Venues have trouble bringing performers in as well.

There are only a few more items left on the list of renovations to the Wheeler Opera House. The roofing updates need to be completed as well as fixes to the building’s HVAC systems. A snow melting system is also going to be added in front of the building for winter months.


Executive director Gena Buhler says the updates were only slightly delayed because of the venue’s late opening last year.


Screenshot, "Being Here"

Carbondale’s 5Point Adventure Film Festival is a big one for the group. It’s the first time attendees will interact with their outdoor heroes. And it’s also a year in which the festival has the most films by, or about women, that it’s ever had.

First Draft - Rob Spillman

Apr 18, 2016

Rob Spillman is editor of Tin House magazine and editorial advisor of Tin House Books. He was previously the monthly book columnist for Details magazine and is a contributor of book reviews and essays to Salon and Bookforum.

Curated - April 18th

Apr 18, 2016

Today on Curated, we hear about a student-curated art show. We speak with author Rob Spillman, take a look at the Rio Grande ArtWay and hear about taking the perfect photo on your iPhone.

  On Monday, the Aspen Institute hosts the event “Athens to Aspen: Journeys of Meaning”. The seminar is completed through three meetings anchored by the work of Shakespeare and ancient and contemporary texts.

The Basalt Regional Library is hosting the CU Boulder Graduate Brass Quintet on Tuesday. The performance is being named “Brass with Class”.

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The Art Base hosts regular art classes. This past weekend, they hosted a class on how to take perfect pictures on your iPhone. What sort of apps do you use? How do you use lighting? Summers Moore is a photographer based in the Valley who taught the class.

“Uncle Vanya” is a play by Anton Chekhov . It opens at the Colorado Mountain College’s Spring Valley campus tonight.


“Uncle Vanya” was first published in 1897, and was performed two years later in Moscow.


The play follows the lives of a family living in the Russian countryside. Vanya and his niece, Sonya, live their lives frugally. They keep their emotions close to their chest. But when a relative shows up with his beautiful, younger wife, things start to fall apart.


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A section of the Rio Grande Trail in Carbondale is getting a bit of a makeover. Flowers and hops have been planted. Invasive tree species removed … And now art is being added. That’s part of the new Rio Grande ArtWay plan that was unveiled last night. It’s part of a project to update a section of the trail with art and signage that help point users toward businesses and art centers.

Patrick Fort / Aspen Public Radio

Over the weekend, the work of a few dozen high school students went on display at the Aspen Art Museum. There is painting, sculpture and mixed media pieces.