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First Draft - Geraldine Brooks

Dec 21, 2015

Australian-born Geraldine Brooks grew up in Sydney. She worked as a reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Wall Street Journal, where she covered crises in the Mideast, Africa and the Balkans. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in fiction in 2006 for her second novel, March. Her  novels Caleb’s Crossing and People of the Book were  New York Times best sellers.

Curated - December 21st

Dec 21, 2015



Week in the Arts - December 21st

Dec 21, 2015

Creating a modern classic on a digital platform

Dec 17, 2015
Doug Butchy / Flickr

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox is a YouTube sensation.  Bradlee grew up in New Jersey listening to jazz while his friends listened to rap and grunge. He wanted to be a jazz musician, but after his career as piano player didn’t pan out, he decided that he would do something different. He was going to turn pop songs into jazz songs.

Jan Garrett and JD Martin have been playing music together for two decades. They’re both seasoned musicians who’ve toured around the world, but the one constant for the last 25 years has been the Winter Solstice concert they put on. It is one event that doesn’t need the Christmas holiday to bring people in.

Curated - December 14th

Dec 16, 2015


Patrick Fort / Aspen Public Radio

“Finding Place” is a show about being able to put things in order. To find that one space where you can feel comfortable with life and your place in it.

Week in the Arts - December 14th

Dec 14, 2015

  Monday at the Aspen Institute is “Athens to Aspen, Journeys of Meaning”. It’s a course that uses the words of Shakespeare and other classic writers to help people find direction in their lives.


“Finding Place” opens at Anderson Ranch on Tuesday. The show features the work of two local artists, Sara Ransford and Alleghany Meadows.


6x6 kickoff in Glenwood Springs

Dec 10, 2015

The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts is kicking off one of its favorite exhibits this weekend


Rather than having artists submit work to the center and have it be sold by the group to take a cut, people from the community come make art on canvases provided by the center. The pieces are gathered and then sold in a few months.


That’s the basis of the 6x6 Kickoff, the start of a run towards the February exhibit and fundraiser. Each canvas will sell for $20.

The event kicks off on Saturday.