Aspen Words Literary Prize

On Tuesday, the winner of the inaugural Aspen Words Literary Prize will be announced at a ceremony in New York City. The prize is $35,000. It also comes with a trophy, which was commissioned by one of the studio coordinators at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Non-Profit in the Spotlight: Aspen Words, Week 2

Feb 12, 2018

Aspen Words is an essential non-profit in our community. Jamie Kravitz, Managing Director of Aspen Words, Suzanne Bober, President of the Advisory Board, Denny Vaughn, former President of the Board, and Scott Lasser, current Board Member, explain their annual events and how impactful they are on our community. 

Denise Bosco

Aspen Words has made public the faculty lineup for the 2018 Summer Words writing conference and literary festival.