Bart Garton

2014 Winter Olympics from the Inside
1:26 pm
Fri February 7, 2014

Former Aspenite Bart Garton in Sochi

Bart Garton

2/4/14 - I’m finally on track with my bio clock to sit down and write a bit.  The jet lag actually hasn’t been that bad, as I bravely decided to not have any beers on the 9 hour plane ride to Frankfurt (though they were free, and on Lufthansa the free beer is Warsteiner).  Instead, I took a few power naps and did brain puzzles instead of watching any new release movie I wanted on the plane’s individual video-on-demand system…amazing.  After a 3 hour layover in Frankfurt, the next flight was really nice: half full, with extremely friendly supermodel flight attendants.

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