On the Road: Forbidden Fruit

Jun 5, 2014
Skippy Mesirow


From the time of Adam and Eve it has always been that that which is forbidden is all the more viscerally desired. Human nature perhaps, our drive for the obscure, the unseen, the unknown, breathes within us and bubbles from deep in our souls. And when, though not often we can conquer our fears, it boils over the caldron rim and seeps into every nook and crevasse around the globe, enriching all aspects of our existence. It’s a human story, and our story. It’s what has motivated us to come out of the cave, and move across continents, and cross the oceans, and go to the Moon. So to with travel, the allure of places impermissible and unexplored is all the more palpable. From the far corners of the earth, societies and people beckon to be seen, understood, and experienced.

Skippy Mesirow

San Cristobal –  Cancun

It’s early. 6am. Dawn breaks with the chirp of birds and the flutter of winged creatures. The night’s rain subsides into an early morning mist. I’m packed and ready to go, leaving San Cristobal behind and ready for my final push south. I’m flying out of Cancun on the 17th to a friend’s wedding in New York and then on to a secret destination for 10 days (more to come on this later) before my return to Mexico and the resumption of the road trip. I’ll have a companion today, Becka, who you’ll remember from a couple posts back, is hitching a ride.

On the Road: To Move or To Linger?

Jun 1, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

Oaxaca – San Cristobal

A big toe grips the cobblestone. An arm brushes a wall. A drop of dew is deposited on a forehead. A glint of light reflects off a coffee cup outside a café. Often this is how we see a city. Not so much the photons entering the iris and processed in the visual cortex but the intangibles, the little things. The distant laughter of a child, the wafting of sweet elote, the soft light of a streetlamp, the way a stranger approaches on the sidewalk, the colors of a wall. It is said, “The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see”. I’ve come a long way the last few days, perhaps too far, to fast, it’s time to engage the present and walk the path to transcendence. Tonight, I wander the streets of San Cristobol. Slowly and determinately. As I do I reminisce about the past week.

Settling In

May 30, 2014

Puerto Escondido – San Cristobal

I came around a big wide bend on the toll way at a steady 140 kilometers per hour. Bam! The bike goes sideways, my heart stops.

On the Road: Numero Quattro

May 19, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

Xalpa – Oaxaca.

On the Road: The Lost and The Destructive

May 15, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

San Cristobal

On The Road: Looking Deep

May 12, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

11:00am, Wednesday May 2nd - Teotihuacan to 10:00pm, Thursday May 3rd - Oaxaca.

On The Road: Chasing The Aztecs

May 9, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

Puerto Vallarta – Teotihuacan

Early Friday morning in the blackness of night, I set out from Puerto Vallarta, last night’s cheap wine and sweet goodbyes still banging around in my head as I tear down back roads and highways. I will cover over 900 kilometers today, in the process leaving behind the deserts, cities and small towns of northern Mexico in search of the ancient Aztec Empire.

On The Road: My Ignorance

May 7, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

Durango – Puerto Vallarta

On the Road: Trial by Trial

May 5, 2014
Skippy Mesirow

Batopolis – Durango

I barrel down the highway at 110. The music in my ear buds is screaming, the bass heavy, and my eyes laser-focused on the horizon. To my right, the sun sets over the mountains. Wispy cotton candy skies of orange, pink and purple beam out from the layered blue-green mountains and permeate the heavens. But I don’t have time for that.