Next week is the Ken Rudin Political Junkie event from Paepcke Auditorium with Steve House, Chairperson of the Colorado Republican Committee, and Rick Palacio, Chairperson of the Colorado Democratic Committee.  

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About an hour north of Telluride is the town of Ridgway, Colo. — population 932. On one of the main streets is a shop called Billings Artworks.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has warned supporters that they are working against a rigged election process, but clerks in Colorado say that’s impossible.

The Colorado County Clerks Association sent a notice Tuesday calling this state’s election system “the best in the world.”

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Inmates from the Buena Vista Correctional Facility spent four weeks in September doing restoration and maintenance work in the wilderness on Independence Pass. Environment reporter Elizabeth Stewart-Severy spent a morning with the group and has details about Colorado’s inmate work program.

Two candidates for Pitkin County commissioner faced off last night at a live debate hosted by Aspen Public Radio. Greg Poschman and Scott Writer are running for a vacant seat on the board and discussed affordable housing, development, and the open space and trails program.     

  Basalt residents will vote in coming weeks on the future of an old mobile home park.

 This week and next is the Ken Rudin Political Junkie event from Paepcke Auditorium with Steve House, Chairperson of the Colorado Republican Committee, and Rick Palacio, Chairperson of the Colorado Democratic Committee.

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Aspen councilman Bert Myrin was elected into office on an anti-development platform. Now, with several months left before the end of a development moratorium, he speaks with Alycin Bektesh on the future of building in Aspen. The first public hearing on the changes is scheduled for October 24th.

Barbara Platts / Aspen Public Radio News

  Candidates vying for chief law enforcement official for the Ninth Judicial District squared off last night during a live debate hosted by Aspen Public Radio. Incumbent Sherry Caloia, and challengers Chip McCrory and Jeff Cheney, took on the topics of plea bargains, law enforcement, domestic violence, and the role of political parties in the DA’s office.

Barbara Platts / Aspen Public Radio News

Aspen Public Radio news director Carolyn Sackariason moderated a live debate from the Dunaway Community Room in the Pitkin County Library.

To watch the debate via GrassRoots TV, click here.

The three candidates running for the District Attorney’s seat, serving Rio Blanco, Garfield and Pitkin counties, are incumbent Sherry Caloia, and challengers Chip McCrory and Jeff Cheney.

Aspen TREE Founder and Co-Director Eden Vardy discusses Aspen TREE's signature event, the Farm to Table Community Meal, a free meal served the week of Thanksgiving and made entirely from local ingredients.

Board members Michael Miracle and Jeff Davlyn discuss the importance of Aspen TREE in the community and their role in educating the Valley about local and sustainable food. 

Learn more about Aspen TREE and their events at

The first wave of ballots will be mailed to Colorado voters on Monday. Bente Birkeland has more at the state capitol.

Eagle County Sherriff Department

Oct. 17, 2016, 6 p.m.


The fire burning near the Reudi Reservoir is now 40 percent contained.


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Celia Gregory is an artist and fan of all things oceanic. She’s known for her underwater installations used to rehabilitate coral reefs. Gregory did her work from Indonesia, and England, but now she lives in Aspen. She spoke with Aspen Public Radio’s Patrick Fort about a life-changing event on an airplane that helped her combine her two passions. Art and the ocean.

Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.

Accusations of corruption in the Garfield County commissioner race surfaced this week, angering one of the candidates.

Garfield Commissioner Martin repaid $1,800 to county after auditDems to Martin: Quit or face indictment

As election day draws near, valley residents are hearing a lot from candidates running for local offices, as well as reading commentary on the opinion pages of the local newspapers. Joining Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason for Valley Roundup this morning are Randy Essex, editor and publisher of the Glenwood Post Independent, Curtis Wackerle, editor of the Aspen Daily News and Roger Marolt, columnist for the Aspen Times.


You can hear more of the conversation on Valley Roundup at 3:30 p.m. today right here on Aspen Public Radio news

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Gary Hume’s “Front of Snowman” is a 10-foot-tall abstraction. It has the traditional three-snowball shape, each one painted a soft blue. The piece is formally on display today.

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Thursday's 37th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Jalapeno Eating Competition is one of the biggest years for the event yet. There will be 34 teams competing in the cook-off.

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 Amendment 70: minimum wage increase.  A “yes” vote will raise the minimum wage in Colorado, a “no” vote keeps the status quo.


If Amendment 70 passes the minimum wage in Colorado will go from the current $8.31 cents an hour to $9.30 in January. It will then step up 90 cents annually until it reaches $12 by the year 2020. With the high cost of living and doing business in the Roaring Fork Valley, many employers already pay their employees $12 dollars an hour.


Colorado’s major party candidates held their only televised debate of the election Tuesday.