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Mayor Steve Skadron is speaking on a panel about green cities in Dubai this week. It is the third major international environmental conference for Skadron since he represented Aspen at the UN climate talks in Paris last December. Skadron has also spoken at events in Taiwan and Seoul, South Korea.

First Draft - Lev Grossman

Oct 3, 2016

Lev Grossman is the author of the novels Warp and Codex and the trilogy that includes The Magicians, The Magician King, and The Magician’s Land.  He is also the book critic for Time magazine.

First Draft - Ramona Ausubel

Oct 3, 2016

Ramona Ausubel grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is the author of a new novel, Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty, as well as the novel No One is Here Except All of Us, and a collection of short stories A Guide to Being Born.

Aspen TREE Co-Directors Eden Vardy and River Morgan share the history of the organization and the inspiration behind the work of Aspen TREE. Vardy became inspired after taking an Environmental Literacy class at Aspen High School, which would lead him to pursue his undergraduate and graduate degrees focused on positive environmentalism. 

The organization is located at Cozy Point Ranch, where they operate the FarmPark,. The park includes a greenhouse dome, food garden, alpacas, goats, chickens, rabbits, and more, and is open 365-days a year and open to the public. 

Matt Ferro

The younger generation is making strides to grow the local food movement in the valley while also getting involved on a national level to support farmers’ rights. Aspen Public Radio’s Barbara Platts visited several area farms, and gives us this report.

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The Wheeler Real Estate Transfer Tax, and the multiple questions in Basalt about the Pan and Fork land parcel, will both have effects on art-focused nonprofits. Aspen Public Radio’s Patrick Fort spoke with Gena Buhler from the Wheeler Opera House and Genna Moe from The Art Base to see how each would be affected by November’s votes.

Residences at the Little Nell promotional photo

Five months after discovering fecal matter leaking from the Residences at the Little Nell into Aspen’s stormwater drainage, the hotel remains cut off from the city’s system.

Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.

A large turnaround lane is planned to be built on Highway 82 so semi trucks won’t go over Independence Pass. Some people are skeptical.

CDOT, county to alter 82 near pass

Truck turnaround proposed at base of Indy Pass

And a Rifle-based journalist gets hazed about his column that takes a shot at Aspen.

Delta Rae plays at the Belly Up in Aspen on Tuesday.

Aspen Film is screening the film “Little Men” at the Isis Theatre on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Beer Brats and Bluegrass event is at the Aspen Art Museum. Buffalo Joe will be performing.

The show “Journeys Abroad” opens at the Red Brick Center for the Arts on Thursday.

The Meeting begins in Aspen on Thursday and runs through Saturday.

A showcase featuring entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry is on Thursday at Justice Snow’s.

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Wade Newsom grew up in Oklahoma. He was a fan of the Def Poetry Jam specials on HBO. He loved hip-hop. The Beastie Boys. Run DMC. He started to write like the musicians he listened to. But through high school, he kind of lost that passion. In college, he played basketball. It was there that he sort of rediscovered writing. He needed a way to express the stress he was feeling. After graduating, he moved to Colorado.

The amount of health insurance options on the Western Slope is dwindling. Joining News Director Carolyn Sackariason on Valley Roundup are Curtis Wackerle, editor at the Aspen Daily News, Roger Marolt, columnist for the Aspen Times, and Ryan Hoffman, editor of the Rifle Citizen Telegram.

You can hear more of the conversation  on Valley Roundup at 3:30 p.m. today on Aspen Public Radio news.


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Pitkin County officials hosted an open house last night to present the latest iteration of conceptual plans for an expanded airport. Carolyn Sackariason has more.


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Since Monday, 10 local photographers including Seth Beckton and David Clifford have been exploring Aspen, trying to take the best picture.

 Former state Sen. Gail Schwartz, a Democrat who used to live in Snowmass Village, is challenging Republican Rep. Scott Tipton of Cortez in the race for Colorado’s Third Congressional District.


Courtesy of Aspen Words

Jenny Price, Aspen Words’ writer in residence for September, spent her month here working on her book titled “Stop Saving the Planet!”

Price describes the book as a polemical text, and it highlights the flaws she sees in the design of current environmental change movements. Price said she hopes that the book starts a dialogue.

 On Cross Currents this week, Eden Vardy of Aspen Tree and Dawn Shepard of Meatless Monday on the Aspen Fall Festival on Sunday Oct. 2 at Aspen Tree.

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Amendment 69 - “ColoradoCare”

A “yes” vote would change the state constitution to set up a universal health care system, a “no” vote would keep health care as is.

Pitkin County commissioners decided Tuesday to spend $250,000 to build a turnaround area for oversized trucks heading up Independence Pass.


The turnaround will be located right before the winter closure gate on Highway 82. It’s part of a two-pronged approach aimed at preventing semi trucks and other vehicles longer than 35 feet from going over the narrow stretch.

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AspenFilm’s Filmfest series finished Sunday. Here are the winners of the audience awards:

Best Feature Film (TIE)

“My Blind Brother” and “11:55”


Best Documentary Film

“Mr. Gaga”


A documentary is being screened at the Wheeler Opera House at 7:30 p.m. today to support multiple nonprofits — Windwalkers, the Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council and the Snowman Rescue Fund. The movie being shown is called “Harry and Snowman”.

Several dead voters are casting ballots in Colorado, according to a recent report from CBS 4 in Denver.