• Host - Aspen Beat/Host - Jazz from Aspen

    Andrea Young is the host of Aspenbeat and host of Jazz from Aspen on Aspen Public Radio.

    Andrea is a longtime member of the Aspen Public Radio family. She’s been Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Bottle Washer and is having the...

  • Capitol Coverage Reporter for Rocky Mountain Community Radio

    Bente Birkeland has covered Colorado politics and government since spring of 2006. She loves the variety and challenge of the state capitol beat and talking to people from all walks of life. Bente's work has aired on NPR's Morning Edition<...

  • Host - Jazz from Aspen

    Brent Gardner Smith is a host of Jazz from Aspen. 

    Brent Gardner-Smith's first jazz show aired on the radio in about 1980, while he was a volunteer college DJ at  KCHO, Chico. Brent's also worked as a jazz or rock DJ at KSPN and KSNO in...

  • News Director

  • Executive Director/Host - CrossCurrents

    Raised in Aspen, Colorado, Carolyne graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara as a theater and film student. After a few years as a DJ in commercial radio, Carolyne moved to NYC and was the second of the new wave...

  • Host - Blue Horizon

    Cheryl Koehne is the host of Blue Horizon. 

  • Host - Classical Music from Aspen

    Chris Mohr began composing major vocal works at the age of 12, and his music drama From the Realm of the Shadow has been released on Naxos Records and performed last year in New York at the Riverside Church Theatre. He has been a classical...

  • Host - Bluegrass with Mustard

    Dan Sadowsky is host of Bluegrass with Mustard. 

  • Host - Check 1, 2

  • Reporter

    Dorothy M. Atkins considers herself many things. She's a professional storyteller, a teacher, a life-long learner, a writer, a self-diagnosed neurotic... But above all, she's an old-fashioned gumshoe reporter. 

    Atkins began her...