Host - First Draft

Mitzi Rapkin got her start in radio as a reporter for KBUT in Crested Butte, Colorado.  She was a Washington correspondent for a commercial radio station in Boston, worked as a producer, editor and writer for National Geographic Television and...

Substitute Host

Ned Cochran is a substitute host on Aspen Public Radio. 

Host - Jazz from Aspen

Neil Jung is a host of Jazz from Aspen. 

I grew up in Landover, MD, suburban DC, son of a world class musician in the US Navy Band.  I've had great music around me from the start, sang in all the school choirs and some musical shows,...

News Director

Born in the Panama Canal Zone, Roger grew up with radio. His father was a HAM radio operator, and there was always a radio room in his house. He started listening to public radio in the late 1970s while in college and started volunteering at...

Host - "Tuesday Nite Straight Ahead", Jazz from Aspen

Scott Harper is the host of Jazz from Aspen. 

Scott began his career as a deejay on Aspen Public Radio in 1997 and his show Tuesday Nite Straight Ahead has been a mainstay of “straight ahead” jazz programming in the Roaring Fork...