Base 2 proposal losing so far in Aspen; other results in

Nov 3, 2015

Voters are choosing whether or not a new lodging development can be built in Aspen.
Credit Marci Krivonen / Aspen Public Radio

Results are starting to come in on local, regional and state issues. Voters approved Proposition BB, choosing to allow the state to keep 66 million dollars in revenue from marijuana sales.

In Pitkin County 31 percent of ballots have been counted, so far. That’s 45-hundred ballots.

In Aspen, on Question 2A - Base two lodge, a majority - 66 percent - have voted against it. Several ballots still need to be counted.

On a question on whether to approve a tax mill levy for the school, voters have so far supported it...with about 66 percent saying “yes” to the tax increase.

In the race for school board - incumbents Sandra Peirce and Sheila Wills are leading the pack of five candidates with about 25 percent of the votes, each, so far.

On a tax question extending monies for Aspen Valley Hospital, voters are supporting it, with 71 percent weighing in with “yes” votes, so far.

It’s a tight race with question 2B regarding the Aspen Armory, 49 percent of voters have chosen “community use” and 50 percent have chose “city offices,” so far.