Candidate Chats: Lee Mulcahy

Apr 12, 2017

Lee Mulcahy at Candidate Chats with Alycin Bektesh.

Running for: Mayor

Candidate Statement: Dear Citizens, I'm known for being a straight shooter and the voice of the common man. The bigger the government, the less the liberty — in the spirit of liberty of Hunter S. Thompson; Let's keep Aspen funky.


If you believe Aspen Skiing Co. and local government need more power & more of your taxes, stop reading and vote for the corrupt machine's incumbents for mayor and council.***

As a fiscal conservative running against a big government, crony capitalist, jet-setting elitist mayor who is more aptly often found in Paris and Dubai, if elected, I would:

• Fire the city manager and pass a city hiring freeze.

• Look for guidance from Bert Myrin who stated correctly that we are not practicing the golden rule: Love your neighbor.

• Curb local government's unrestrained growth by killing the proposed "Taj Mahal" City Hall which is much larger than the humorless Aspen Art Museum.

• Pass a property tax cut.

- Say NO to Aspen's environmentally destructive & unnecessary dams in our wilderness areas.

- Be Mayor for a buck and promise to pass the baton to Bert in two years.

This election is a David vs. Goliath struggle for the soul of Aspen. The mayor promised "slow growth" and "transparency" & we got neither. The Mayor's corporate MBA vision for Aspen's future includes his empire building: a proposed Aspen Art Museum sized "Taj Majal" City offices by the Jerome topping out at 45' 9".

Let's keep Aspen funky. It's about community and... resort. It's about "loving your neighbor" rather than he who has the gold rules.

Last election cycle, the Mayor's opponent whom I supported got anonymous threatening letters.* I guess I should consider myself lucky that the Mayor refuses to direct city housing employees to allow me to show compliance regarding my art.**** The current Mayor likes to represent himself as Aspen's "green" savior to global elites as he globetrotts to Dubai, Paris, Seoul, Taipei....

Dubai, like Aspen, is famous for its glitz and glamour. (And also for its hidden slaves.**) I have no desire to be a Mayoral jet-setter but like the city of Seattle, I would support a $15/hour minimum wage raise on giant corporations (exempting small business).

When a fellow councilman asks questions, the Mayor pounces & alleges that the councilman's "ruthless?" The Mayor complains that I'm cordial in person but critical in public. Huh? I think the City Attorney is more corrupt than Nero but it doesn't mean we can't be cordial when we have business.

I'll be honest: I have a Hunter S Thompson-like reputation but fostered by the PR department of our local Darth Vader, Skico; but I'm the first to admit I've made mistakes and have already asked Skico to forgive me. When Sue and I are out knocking on doors, people are like "You're so nice. Nothing like what I had read/heard about...."

My Dad came from nothing and devoted the end of his life by helping others less fortunate. He got the communities of the Roaring Fork and Texas involved in clean water efforts in a village twice the size of Aspen. He was the greatest influence on my life and my best friend. I miss him terribly.

I would be honored to receive your vote.

Lee Mulcahy



***We don't need to reshash old battles but the following situations were suspect: Giving a city employee housing for life in a closed meeting (insider cronyism), number of secret "executive" sessions, failed power plant process, Base 2 waiver of variances, information given to voters on Burlingame & hydro turbine, formerly secret dam plan, & "disturbing expert witness shopping to contradict it's prior studies showing the City doesn't need these dams"-Marcella Larsen

**** http://www.aspentimes.com/news/aspen-city-manager-bans-mulcahy-from-housing-offices/

 City Council candidate Sue Tatem, PhD regarding fellow artist Lee Mulcahy:

"There are men that settled the West and who fought at the Alamo. They have this strength and ability to fight for the things they care about it. Some of it I think is partly his sense of humor that people don't recognize at all. I see the Eagle Scout, the person who has a PhD."

Campaign Information: www.leemulcahy.com

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