Candidates in Aspen raise thousands ahead of May election

Apr 15, 2015

The City of Aspen released its first round of reports for how much candidates have raised and spent ahead of the spring election. Four candidates have built up more than $4000 each.
Credit Creative Commons/401kcalculator.org

The candidates running in Aspen’s spring election are already raising thousands of dollars in the race for elected office. The first of three campaign finance reports was filed Tuesday.

Seven people are running for two council seats. Two are in the race for mayor. The council candidates with the most money so far, are Bert Myrin, Mick Ireland and Adam Frisch. They have all raised more than $4000. Myrin has the most with nearly $6000. In the mayoral election, Steve Skadron has built up $4300. His opponent, Torre, isn’t far behind with $3900. Two candidates have raised no money: Tom McCabe and Andy Israel. There’s no limit to how much money a candidate can raise.

Two issues committees are also raising money. The “Keep Aspen Aspen” group that supports Referendum One has raised more than $1200. A committee called “Know the Facts on Referendum One” is opposed to the measure. It has raised $76, so far.

The candidates and committees will file campaign finance data twice more before ballots are counted May 5th. For details on amounts raised, spent and who contributed, click here.