Carbondale to hear ‘Environmental Bill of Rights’

Jul 30, 2017

Frosty Merriott and the Carbondale Board of Trustees are considering an Environmental Bill of Rights that would guide future decision making in the town.
Credit Courtesy of www.carbondalegov.org

The Carbondale Board of Trustees is considering a new bill of rights — for the environment.


Trustee Frosty Merriott said Carbondale has a long history of strong environmental policy: There’s a fee on plastic bags, a green building code and a climate action plan. But still, he said, the town needs to define a clear mission on environmental topics.

“We believe in having clean air, clean water, access to a view of the night sky, and to protect our native wildlife,” Merriott said.

To make that official, Merriott has been heading up work on an Environmental Bill of Rights that will serve as a guiding document for future boards of trustees.

Merriott and fellow trustee Heather Henry presented a draft to the board last week; a streamlined version is expected next month.