City Hall referendum petition denied

Jun 13, 2017

Draft plans for a new civic plaza for City of Aspen offices.

Citizens working to block the development of new city offices in Aspen were handed a setback yesterday when their referendum petition was denied.


Petitioners Steve Goldenberg and Marcia Goshorn contend that an ordinance passed by elected officials this past spring allowing the reconfiguration of Galena Plaza goes against the civic master plan. On May 15, city hall critic Toni Kronberg turned in a petition in an effort to reverse the decision. A total of 700 signatures were collected, but yesterday City Clerk Linda Manning ruled only 396 of those are valid. Additionally, City Attorney Jim True has determined the deadline for the petition was May 12, not May 15.


The city is moving forward with its plans to build the 47-foot-tall, 37,000-square-foot office building, which will be located between Rio Grande Place and Galena Plaza.