Colo. election system ‘best in the world’

Oct 19, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has warned supporters that they are working against a rigged election process, but clerks in Colorado say that’s impossible.

The Colorado County Clerks Association sent a notice Tuesday calling this state’s election system “the best in the world.”

Each polling place is staffed by members of the public representing the two major political parties. Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder Janice Vos Caudill said that's just one arm of a multi-pronged approach to ensuring honest elections.

Her office is videotaped beginning months ahead of the election and Democrat and Republican representation is present during pre and post election equipment audits.

The total number of votes cast is checked against voter registration logs and polling place attendance, to assure no one is “stuffing” ballot boxes. Vos Caudill said the number of Pitkin County ballots has always matched the number of voters. Election judges are paid, and required to attend courses on state and federal election laws.