Consensual Improv returns to Carbondale

Mar 23, 2017

TRTC's Consensual Improv! cast members.
Credit Courtesy of Thunder River Theatre Company

Thunder River Theatre Company presents an evening of comedy with Consensual Improv this Friday.

The cast of players has nearly doubled since the group began performing at the Thunder River’s Theater in November. Valley resident Jeff Patterson is a main face behind Consensual Improv. He said he’s surprised by the amount of interest the community has exhibited.

“I think there’s been such a desire for it in the Roaring Fork Valley that when it started it just kind of caught fire,” he said.


Patterson said the show will feature fresh improv games and new valley player Sonja Meyer. Over time, the troupe intends to master the art of long-form improv. That’s what all the games are for.


“There’s just no telling where we’re going to go and what’s going to get created,” Patterson said.

To see what spontaneity the cast and audience are able to come up with, doors open at 7:30p.m. Tickets can be purchased at thunderrivertheatre.com.