A Democracy of Poets

Apr 29, 2014

Credit Roger Adams

Welcome to a special program for National Poetry Month.  

There are a lot of poets in the Roaring Fork Valley.  They are writing and performing their poetry regularly with help from the Aspen Poet’s Society, which holds monthly live poetry readings. 

Now the society has published its first book; an anthology of poems by locals and poets who have visited and read their work here.  The book is – A Democracy of Poets: Poems of the Roaring Fork Valley and Beyond

Joining us is Kim Nuzzo one of the editors and also a co-founder of the Aspen Poet’s Society.   APR’s Roger Adams and Nuzzo discuss the work of ten poets whose work is in the book.  

Local Aspen actors Jeannie Walla and Kent Reed are the readers of poems by:

Jose Alcantera

Laurie James

Valerie Haugen

Patrick Curry

Karen Day

Ed Cross

Stewart S. Warren

David Feela

Cam Scott

David Romtvedt