Development Group Envisions "Boutique Hotel" In Downtown Basalt

Nov 7, 2014

Members of the Downtown Area Advisory Committee look over ideas, like development and parks space, in downtown Basalt. A development group made an announcement at the Committee's meeting this week, that they're getting involved.
Credit Marci Krivonen

A development group is now involved in the discussions around redeveloping downtown Basalt.

Lowe Enterprises has partnered with a landowner involved in the redevelopment process. Lowe built The Gant hotel in Aspen. They’re partnering with the Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation that owns 2.3 acres along Two Rivers Road, where a trailer park once stood. Town government owns adjacent land that sits in the floodplain and borders the Roaring Fork River.

James DeFrancia of Lowe says he envisions a modest boutique lodge and some residential units.

"In either event, whether primary residences or lodging, it contributes to having vitality in downtown Basalt because you need people to create vitality and that’s what we’re focused on is how to get people into downtown Basalt."

He says any ideas will be discussed with the community. The parcel is just one piece of land downtown being considered for redevelopment. A community commission is going over several ideas that were generated during a community brainstorming session called "Our Town."