Is Editing Getting Less Popular in Hollywood? Aspen Film Weighs In.

Jan 1, 2014

If movie aficionados in the Roaring Fork Valley, the last week and a half may have had an extra holiday bonus. Aspen Film is hosting Academy Screenings through Thursday, January 2nd. Now sometimes, during a movie, there’s a moment when the viewer realizes the film could have used another round with the editor. Laura Thielen is Co-Director of Aspen Film, and describes what it's like when that happens to her.

Credit Aspen Film

“Length isn’t an issue for me. It’s when I feel like we’re stuck on the meridian. (She laughs.) And we’ve got a flat tire and we’re waiting for another character or a plot point to come along and move us forward.”

Well, more than one big name movie has been inspiring that feeling this holiday season…. so Aspen Public Radio Reporter Elise Thatcher asked Laura Thielen if Hollywood standards have changed.

Editor’s note: Aspen Film had to pull “August: Osage County” from this winter’s Academy Screenings. Aspen Film couldn’t say why... except that it was not because of the editing concerns explored in this interview.