Forecast: Big Spring Melt Will Boost Area Rivers To Above-Average Levels

Apr 3, 2014

The snowpack in the Roaring Fork Watershed is significantly above average thanks to spring snow showers. The spring melt usually starts in early or mid-April.
Credit www.roaringfork.org

Spring runoff in the Roaring Fork Valley typically starts around this time, in early to mid-April. It peaks later in the spring. This year mountain snow is plentiful and once it melts, river flows are predicted to be higher than average. But, the timing of the melt is important. Aspen public Radio's Marci Krivonen spoke with Sarah Johnson, the Outreach Coordinator for the Roaring Fork Conservancy. She says the snowpack in the Roaring Fork watershed is well above average.

This graph shows snowpack levels for the Roaring Fork Watershed on April 3, 2014.
Credit www.roaringfork.org
River flows in our region are predicted to be higher than normal this spring and summer. The map shows river flow forecasts.
Credit Roaring Fork Conservancy/USDA