Garfield County to contribute $50,000 to West Springs Hospital in Grand Junction

Feb 13, 2017

Credit Mind Springs Health

West Springs Hospital, in Grand Junction, is the only psychiatric hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City. It has 32 beds and wants 64.

 Mind Springs Health, who runs the hospital, said they’ll need just under $18 million for the expansion.


On Monday, as per Mind Springs’ request, the Garfield County Board of Commissioners voted to contribute $50,000.  


Statewide, there are 24 psychiatric beds per 100,000 people. On the Western Slope, there are six, and the need is rising. In 2016, West Springs admitted 148 people from Garfield County, which was a 41 percent increase from the year before.

Garfield’s Board of Commissioners received letters from the sheriff, the department of Human Services, Valley View Hospital and others, all supporting Mind Springs’ request.