More details on Aspen New Year’s Day avalanche

Mar 17, 2015

Looking up the path of the January 1 avalanche immediately after the accident. The red dot marks the approximate trigger point. Snow Safety [employee] 1 is visible in the lower left beginning first aid for the injured Tail Guide [who was the victim in the accident].
Credit Colorado Avalanche Information Center

On Tuesday, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center released a more detailed review of what happened during a slide on New Year’s Day. Aspen Mountain Powders Tours had a tough day on the first day of 2015. The company, operated through Aspen Skiing Company, had a ski guide injured in an avalanche, and was one person away from injuring a client. 

On New Year’s Day, two guides and three clients were skiing what’s called “The Happy Face”, in McFarlane’s Bowl. One guide was the last to ski a slope, and the slide started a few turns in. The victim ended up going headfirst down the slope in the avalanche, with only the bottom of his skis visible. He sustained injuries and was helped out by snow safety workers nearby.