Notes from PyeongChang: Frigid temperatures and time differences

Feb 13, 2018

Night cross country skiing in Pyeongchang.
Credit Ruthie Brown


The temperatures have been bitterly cold, -10 Celsius with a wind-chill factor that brings it down to –18, hovering right at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many of the events are held at night for broadcasting prime time in the Europe. The cross country coaches have recommended the athletes try to stay on their European time zone (eight hours difference) and sleep during the day and train at night, so their internal clocks are set for racing time. It's been tough on the athletes.


The stands at the cross country stadium.
Credit Ruthie Brown

The cross country stands stands are mostly full of Norwegians, Swedes, Fins and Europeans. There are very few Koreans.


Water quickly turns to ice during the biathlon.
Credit Ruthie Brown

Biathlon 12K Pursuit, the French won gold! It’s so cold, drink up quick before it freezes!


Bundle up!
Credit Ruthie Brown