Pitkin County launches domestic violence website

Mar 1, 2015

Pitkin County's Health and Human Services Dept. launches a new website in an effort to lower the number of local domestic violence cases.
Credit stopfightingithurts.com

Pitkin County’s Health and Human Services Department is launching a new website Monday meant to help with domestic violence. The site is called stopfightingithurts.com. It was designed to educate the community about the problem, and how it impacts children. Health and Human Services Director Nan Sundeen says it’s meant for neighbors, family and partners in relationship.

"They’ll be able to go and look at see what really is a healthy relationship and check out how people in healthy relationships fight, because you can fight in a healthy way."

Aspen Public Radio will examine the problem of domestic violence after two recent high-profile cases in Garfield County. That story will air Tuesday morning.