The Reporter Two-Way: Remembering Carlin and Ryan

Aug 23, 2017

Carlin Brightwell and Ryan Marcil, center, with Aspen Strong founder Christina King on Saturday, following an Aspen Strong fundraiser. The two headed out to Capitol Peak after the event.
Credit courtesy photo/Christina King

The bodies of Carlin Brightwell and Ryan Marcil were found at the base of Capitol Peak’s north face on Tuesday by search and rescue teams who had been notified that the hikers were past due to return home.


The couple, both in their late 20’s, had just moved in together in downtown Aspen. Reporter Alycin Bektesh spoke with friends of the couple, and brings us this memorial.

A photo of Ryan Marcil and Carlin Brightwell, posted to Facebook by Marcil's sister, along with a notice that the Aspen couple was past due to return from their summit of Capitol Peak.
Credit facebook/alexa.marcil

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