River District concerned about low levels at Lake Powell

May 10, 2017

Officials with the Colorado River District are concerned about low levels at Lake Powell and are working on a plan to keep water in the reservoir.
Credit Courtesy of Colorado River District

The Colorado River District is concerned about low water levels at Lake Powell and is starting the second year of studies meant to keep water in the reservoir.


A host of issues, including rising temperatures and growing populations, are taxing the water reserves at Lake Powell, so the Colorado River District is working on a contingency plan for the next 20 or 30 years.

“We always call Lake Powell sort of like a bank account, to always have something in reserve,” said Eric Kuhn, general manager of the Colorado River District.

The agency is working to keep the reservoir at least at a level that is nearly 200 feet below full.

“We’re not talking about it being full,” Kuhn said. “We’re talking about it being almost empty, but we don’t want it to drain.”

Local rivers and streams serve as tributaries to the Colorado, and the River District has asked representatives from the Roaring Fork Valley to sit on the committee.

The study will focus on conservation measures, reducing demand and increasing supply. Kuhn said he hopes to present to local river districts at the end of the summer.