A Safety Net

May 14, 2014

Dr. Vince Savage; Executive Director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter
Credit Roger Adams

 The Aspen Homeless Shelter sent out a fundraising email this week asking for donations to meet the shelter’s budget.  Last year 120 different people spent at least a few days at the shelter where they were able to take baths, wash their clothes and eat a meal.  This was all accomplished on a shoe string budget of less than $250,000.  

Until last November, the shelter was fuly funded by the Aspen Valley Foundation (formerly the Aspen Medical Foundation.)  Now on its own, the homeless shelter has had success so far in meeting its budget needs.  

Dr. Vince Savage is the shelter’s executive director.  He spoke with APR’s Roger Adams about the myths that surround homelessness.

The broadcast version of the interview is here:

Full unedited interview with Dr. Vince Savage is here:

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