Snarky Puppy’s Cory Henry will ‘revive’ the JAS Cafe

Mar 30, 2017

Grammy award-winning keyboardist Cory Henry will play four performances this weekend downstairs at The Little Nell.

This weekend, Snarky Puppy’s Grammy Award-winning keyboardist Cory Henry will perform downstairs at The Little Nell.


Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Henry’s blends gospel, jazz and soul to make the keyboard tones really resonate. Aside from being a member of the music collective Snarky Puppy, he’s worked with musicians like Sara Bareilles, Bruce Springsteen and The Roots.

But Henry’s latest touring project, The Revival, is autobiographical. The album came out last year. It showcases his roots on the Hammond B-3 organ, popular with professional jazz musicians in organ trios that were more favorable than big bands for jazz clubs to hire.


Drummer James Williams joins the keyboardist on tour, along with Henry’s own godfather Bishop Jeffrey White who provides vocals. Henry’s “Revival” puts his improvisation on full display, where he gives a nod to musical influences like Stevie Wonder.


Henry is set to release a second album later this year with his band The Funk Apostles. “The Revival” is a tribute to the Hammond organ. But his next upcoming release will have a full band sound, synthesizing other musical influences like Prince, James Brown and more.

The Cory Henry Revival will play shows downstairs in the JAS Cafe Friday March 31 at both 7 and 9:15 p.m. and again April 1 at the same times. For tickets, visit jazzaspensnowmass.org.