Valley Roundup - September 20th, 2013

Sep 20, 2013

The flood waters are now moving east into Kansas and Nebraska. Better weather is allowing hard hit mountain communities like Boulder to dry out. This was a singular massive rain event. How it happened seems pretty clear. How and what it means long term, less so. Brent Gardner-Smith and Bob Ward of Aspen Journalism join us this week to talk about all the water, Colorado’s on going drought and climate change.

Also, this fall, voters will decide the fate of a new funding model for public schools – Mick Ireland shares his take.

And on The Download – how hackers might be able to steal your fingerprints.

Brent Gardner-Smith & Bob Ward are with Aspen Journalism


The Download with Rob St. Mary

The Aspen Institute’s Task Force on Learning and the Internet is seeking the public’s feedback:


Social media and the floods:


The new iPhone 5S, Touch ID and biometrics:


History of the Internet in one infographic:


Banning “selfies” at the Hong Kong Marathon: