Valley Roundup - September 6th, 2013

Sep 6, 2013

The battle is joined as the owners of an Aspen condominium counter sue the city over their right to make all other tenants of the building use the back door.

The Yellow Brick School building in Aspen tightens up security as the city agrees to finger print scanners and other high tech measures.

We unveil a multimedia report on equine therapy for wounded soldiers called Horses for Heroes.

Mick Ireland in defense of spandex.

And, on The Download a service that will press your cremation ashes into vinyl records.  

That and more on Valley Roundup.

News Roundabout 9-6-2013

Joining us to discuss the news of the week are Carolyn Sackariason, Editor of the Aspen Daily News and Andy Stone, columnist and former Editor for the Aspen Times.

The Great Condo War

From the Aspen Daily News:


Aspen Goes Newtown – Yellow Brick Lockdown

From the Aspen Daily News


More Airline Seats to Aspen



Chinese Skiers on Ajax


Horses for Heroes

"Horses for Heroes" from Aspen Public Radio on Vimeo.


The Download

A little digital scandal this week, Arizona Senator John McCain playing with phone during Senate hearing. Do you do the same during long meetings?  


Speaking of the smartphone… has it gotten in the way of your life? The “I forgot my phone” short film.


Infographics: what happens on the Internet in 60 seconds comparing 2011 and 2013:



New York artist Danny Evans uses photoshop to make celebrities look more like “average Americans”:


The final record of your life – ashes pressed into vinyl LP: