Jazz from Aspen

Monday-Thursday 8pm-11pm
  • Hosted by Stu Huck, Jeannie Walla, Andrea Young, Stan Bialek , Gary Whipple , Neil Jung, Scott Harper

Local volunteer DJs play a vibrant and wide-ranging mix of jazz. As far as we know, we play more jazz than anyone between Denver and San Francisco, and we're proud of it. Tune in every weeknight for an original mix of the best in the art form.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of long-time, beloved “Jazz from Aspen” host Don Voltmer. He was 78.

A Detroit native and graduate of Michigan State University, Voltmer lived and worked in Cleveland for IBM for four years before moving to Aspen from Denver in 1972.

Voltmer said that his love of jazz started at age 12 when he heard the big band sounds of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. He began filling in on air on Aspen Public Radio on Thursday evenings in February 1998 for another long-time jazz host, Stu Huck.

In his station bio, Voltmer said playing jazz on Aspen Public Radio had always been a “…great time for the three hours I get to play my kind of jazz, and I hope it shows. Many thanks to all our listeners who have become members of Aspen Public Radio with each fund drive!”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

You can hear some recent shows by Don in the player below