Bart Garton

Heading Home from Sochi

Feb 25, 2014
Bart Garton

So we hopped the train to explore Khosta, a small town between Sochi and Adler.  Piece of cake way to travel, and it was almost empty.  We got there about dusk and watched as it got dark over the Black Sea.  Then we found this great little shack called the Beerline where they serve homemade brews and horrible looking dried fish, which only one of us was brave enough to try.

Sun, Sport and Moving Fast in Sochi

Feb 20, 2014
Bart Garton

Ok, it did get sunny again.  Yay. 

We did Snowboard Parallel GS yesterday.  Not much to report on that, so I’m going to go onto today’s coverage of Men’s Ski Cross.  By the way, I’m now on course, which is fun to get into competition camera. 

Variety is the spice of life, and I’m moving all over the place!
What a fantastic event.  Absolutely the best spectator sport ever.  And the athleticism is amazing.  Anything can happen in this gladiator-like competition to the finish, and I hope you’ll all get this in time to tune in to watch it tonight.

In the Russian Rain - Sochi Weather

Feb 18, 2014
Bart Garton

Holy Sheboygan. Mother Father.  Shut the Front Door. And all other nice ways to swear I can think of.

Watch What You Post & Sharing "Kruzhba"

Feb 16, 2014
Bart Garton

So for Boarder/Ski Cross, I am now in the bleachers, shooting friends and family and crowd. Everybody's changing up for variety¹s sake.  The super slo-mo I was doing was fun because it was such a challenge, but I think I’ll welcome the change ­ because there will be a lot less stress with this assignment. With the former, I frankly cringed each time the replays began rolling, as that’s when the focus failures were accentuated.  90% of the time, mine worked.

Bart Garton

2/12 - Alrighty.  Sorry for the hiatus.  Been busy working hard at day, and celebrating jobs well done at night.  
We’re about half way through, and still on Slopestyle.  I’m really looking forward to Ski/Snowboard Cross as that will change things up quite a bit.  And it’s a really exciting sport.  Don’t know my position yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  

Former Aspenite Bart Garton in Sochi

Feb 7, 2014
Bart Garton

2/4/14 - I’m finally on track with my bio clock to sit down and write a bit.  The jet lag actually hasn’t been that bad, as I bravely decided to not have any beers on the 9 hour plane ride to Frankfurt (though they were free, and on Lufthansa the free beer is Warsteiner).  Instead, I took a few power naps and did brain puzzles instead of watching any new release movie I wanted on the plane’s individual video-on-demand system…amazing.  After a 3 hour layover in Frankfurt, the next flight was really nice: half full, with extremely friendly supermodel flight attendants.